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  • Does pain or stiffness limit your engagement in your favorite activities?
  • Do you want to become flexible and prevent injuries?
  • Do you know that you need to work on your mobility but just don’t know where to start?

You deserve the ability to achieve a more mobile body that enables you to do the things that you care about – free from restriction.
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The things you love in doing are part of your identity, and losing your ability to fully participate in those things can negatively affect your mental well-being, confidence, interpersonal relationships and career.

“It’s difficult to give up your favorite activity due to something you can’t control. Blaming yourself for what’s already in the past takes up all your energy, and the frustration of being powerless prevents you from moving forward.

Trust me, I know how it feels.

Giving up a sport I love meant giving up much of my identity. Being an elite athlete was my entire life, and I didn’t know who I was without it.”

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As a mobility expert, licensed therapist, and lifelong athlete, I understand what it feels like when your body says enough and forces you to listen.

I learned this lesson the hard way…

Around the time I finished grad school in 2009, I pushed myself to the brink until something literally snapped. Being in the demanding field of brain injury neuro rehab, I went for daily beach runs to keep myself fit and focused.

I had been ignoring a clicking in my right hip for a while, not listening to my body’s warning signs. As a result, while 5 miles into a beach run, I dislocated my right kneecap and tore all of the cartilage in my knee. The pain was so intense that I blacked out in the sand and was brought back by a lifeguard. I underwent intensive reconstructive surgery and YEARS of physical therapy to gain my range of motion and strength back. Let me tell you… it was a long road, but I did it. I came back stronger than ever and started competitive Crossfit shortly thereafter.

Now, I wish my story ended there, but unfortunately, it doesn’t…

9 years later, I suffered a second injury to my right knee that ultimately ended my competitive Crossfit career. Not only did it stop me from being able to compete, but I also found myself losing a part of my identity. I was a competitive Crossfit athlete. That’s what I did 20+ hours per week. That’s what my friends and I did together and what I centered my whole life around at the time. Instead of pausing to give my body what it needed to effectively address the clicking in my hip and tightness that I was feeling in my knee, I was now injured and falling into a state of depression.

As a result of my second injury, I was forced to finally do what I knew I should have been doing the entire time. I made recovery and self-care for my body a big priority — and actually stuck to it with a consistent, daily regimen. I began truly addressing my specific mobility deficits and made sure that my body was recovering appropriately. Yes, I was an athlete, but you don’t have to be an elite athlete for this scenario to relate to you. Daily stressors on your body that lead to injury can vary from athletic & fitness endeavors, to sitting at your desk for hours at a time, to picking up your newborn baby, bending over the wrong way, or even undertaking a new home renovation. We’ve all been there – little aches, pains and feelings of tightness happen to all of us. And that is why I created The Mobility MasterClass — to take the guesswork out of it for you and provide you with not only professional guidance, but also a specialized mobility program to help you address your specific mobility and recovery needs — from the comfort of your own home.

I hope my story will inspire you to listen to your body and incorporate regular mobility and recovery methods into your lifestyle so that you can start feeling better and prevent underlying injuries before they occur.

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When clients of all ages, abilities, and even the Professional Sports
World needs to move better, they turn to Lindsay Sudell

Some of our Athletes

Alex Rodriguez

Andrew Whitworth

Matt Kemp

Todd Gurley

Becky Lynch

Danny Amendola

Seth Rollins

Vontaze Burfict

Here’s what you get when you say Yes to The Mobility MasterClass

12-Week Full Body Mobility Program
(Value $450)

  • Daily comprehensive mobility videos, guiding you through proper movement patterns to unlock your restrictions and reduce your pain.
  • Over 150 mobility drills, stretches, and guided classes.
  • Easy-to-follow format.

Guided Self-Assessment
(Value $49)

  • Assess your current level of mobility to help identify
    your specific problem areas.
  • Demonstrative & written instructions to enhance accuracy.
  • Easy-to-follow format

Proprietary Mobility Scoring System
(Value $199)

  • Measure your progress with an objective mobility score – not only for your overall full-body mobility, but also for targeted regions of your body (ie: your shoulders, hips, ankles, etc).
  • This system allows us to identify and objectively track the specific areas that you need to work on while having a clear overview of your overall progress.

Specialty Mobility Classes
(Value $300)

  • Over 20 guided Specialty Mobility Classes led by me that range from 7-60 minutes in duration and include industry-leading Life Stretch classes, Stick Mobility classes, Kinstretch classes, Foam Rolling classes, body region-specific mobility classes, and much, much more!

7 Mobility Modules to Help You Target
Specific Problem Areas (Value $69 each)

  • An entire index of bonus mobility modules to help you further address your mobility by targeting exactly what YOUR root limitations are as defined by your individualized mobility score!
  • These specially designed mobility modules will help you customize The Mobility MasterClass to you & your specific needs like never before.
  • Think of this as your mobility cheat sheet for success!

Plus You Get 5 Bonuses!

Bonus : 1

3 Bonus Mobility Modules
(Value: $197)

3 full-length bonus mobility modules to provide additional benefits and injury prevention to the Neck, Thoracic Spine, Low Back, Shoulder, Hip, Knee, Wrist, and Ankle.

Bonus : 2

10 Bonus Specialty Classes
(Value: $497)

10 follow-along specialty classes specifically designed by Lindsay to compliment the Mobility MasterClass.

Classes include Full Body Mobility Classes, Stick Mobility Specialty Classes, Lifestretch Specialty Classes, Kinstretch Specialty Classes, Foam Rolling Specialty Class, and Sidekick Tool Specialty Classes.

Bonus : 3

Facebook Members Group
(Value: $497)

Receive access to an exclusive Facebook group with supportive members of the Mobility MasterClass and Lindsay and her team. They will offer guidance, help answer questions, and will celebrate your wins every step of the way

Bonus : 4

Insider access to discount
codes for all of Lindsay’s favorite
mobility & recovery tools
(Value: $500+)

Gain instant insider membership to Lindsay’s Inner Circle. As a member, you will unlock specially curated discounts and coupon codes for all of Lindsay’s favorite mobility & recovery products.

Bonus : 5

31 Days to Double Flexibility
(Value: $50)

Double your flexibility with 31 print-and-go body flexibility movements than can be done in 10 minutes or less.

My Mobility Masterclass Will

Teach you simple, effective, and consistent
mobility exercises

So you can maintain and improve
mobility long-term

Teach you to identify your body’s
warning signals,

So you can resolve problems before they escalate

Prevent and reduce musculoskeletal
imbalances that lead to pain & injury

To enable more natural, pain-free movement

Optimize your athletic potential

By unlocking your full range of motion, improving
circulation, coordination, agility, power, and much more

Give you an athletic edge above the

By enhancing your existing range of motion, power
production, training regimen, and ability to recover faster

Relieve muscle tension,
stress & anxiety

Be more present, relaxed and focused on achieving
your goals

Quickly narrow down and resolve the root
causes of pain.

So you can get back to the things you care about sooner

Reclaim your freedom to be active without

Without soreness or stiffness restricting your movement

Improve your quality of life

By allowing you to engage in the tasks that are important
to you

Maximize training results with minimal

So you can spend more time training and less time

I know my methods work because I’ve seen it.
But don’t take my word for it—hear it from my clients!

"Lindsay is a wonderful therapist. She takes the time to identify any initial areas of impairment and then will adjust her treatment on any other areas she identifies as problematic. The changes seen after working with Lindsay speak for themselves! It was amazing to see the difference in the before and after pictures."
Andrea Stehman
Physical Therapist
"Lindsay was great, and engaged me throughout the entire stretching experience. She identified problem areas for me, and focused on them - for me, my right posterior chain. She made sure to push the boundaries of my mobility but without inducing any unproductive pain. I'll definitely be back."
Luke Stiles
Digital Technologist
"Working with Lindsay was amazing. It wasn't painful at all and didn't make me feel sleepy or sick afterward like some other types of body work. My body felt two years younger - I feel like I had regained the mobility of my younger self!"
David Gasster
Olympic Weightlifter
"I started working with Lindsay to improve what I had been overlooking for years now: my mobility. I knew beforehand that she was an incredible coach and athlete, but I now can add that she is an amazing fascial stretch therapist. She is extremely skilled, professional, thoughtful, sensible and a pleasure to work with."
Anita Rocha
Doctor of Biomedicine
"Lindsay was great and engaged me throughout the entire stretching. She identified problem areas for me (tight hips, glutes, and lower back) and focused on them. She pushed the boundaries of my mobility, but without enforcing any pain along the way. She is extremely knowledgeable at what she does, which is why it also makes her one of the best therapists this side of the Mississippi."
Drew Dumont
Senior Associate at KPMG
"I met Lindsay when I first started Crossfit a year ago and was having issues with my overhead mobility and overall tightness in my legs. Through her specialized work, I have been able to improve not only my mobility, but my total body is in a better place. "
Samara Mills
Sales Specialist
"Was given a session w/ Lindsay as a gift with no idea what I was about to experience. The entire experience exceeded expectations & was incredible. In just 1 hr, improved my mobility tenfold. Incredible!"
Stephen Sweeney
Film Production Specialist
"Thanks to Lindsay for an excellent fascial bodywork session. My shoulder mobility improved drastically in just an hour. I went in feeling creaky and aged, and left feeling like I was floating and limber. I highly recommend you go see Lindsay if you are in Venice and in need of some fixing."
Gordon Gould
SEALFit 20x finisher, worldwide surfer & Masters Crossfit Athlete
"I've always had extremely tight hips. After one session I was able to drop down into a squat lower than ever before. It was such a relaxing experience with great results. I'd recommend Lindsay's services to anyone that will listen."
Patricia Sweeney
"Mobility has always been an issue for me when performing overhead movements. The deep stretch Went above and beyond any stretch that I could do myself. Not only did it assist with my mobility, it allowed my body to be in correct positions to lift weight with less stress on my body. Highly recommend!"
Nick Montejano
Olympic Weightlifter, Marketing Specialist

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.
Here’s how to start yours:

Buy The Program

Take control of your body and enhance your mobility from the comfort of your own home.


Commit to improving your mobility for just minutes per day for 12 weeks.

Make Progress

Start resolving the root causes of your pain/stiffness, track your improving mobility score, and resume your favorite activities with less restriction and pain.

Move better for a fuller lifestyle

  • 12-week program to mobilize your full potential
  • Tailored step-by-step daily action plan
  • Assessment and plan designed by mobility expert, Lindsay Sudell
  • Exclusive Supportive Facebook Community
  • 3 Bonus Mobility Modules
  • 10 Bonus Follow-along Specialty Classes
  • Membership to Lindsay’s Inner Circle with exclusive discounts to her favorite mobility & recovery products
3 Bonus Mobility Modules
Value: $197
10 Bonus Specialty Classes
Value: $497
Facebook Members Group
Value: $497
Insider Access To Discount Codes For All Of Lindsay’s Favorite Mobility & Recovery Tools
Value: $500+
31 Days To Double Flexibility
Value: $50

The Mobility Masterclass

$1547 $147

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You deserve a body that lets you do the things you care about without restrictions. Why not get on the right road now, instead of staying on the path that…

restricts the things you’re able to do and keeps you in a constant state of nagging pain, fatigue and tension.
makes you feel incapable and less than you want to be, holding you back from experiencing the life and career
you could have?
makes you frustrated and anxious because you’re always tense and held back from things you love doing?
keeps you doing the things that you want to do, due to fear of reinjuring yourself?

Improve your mobility and
recover like a pro.

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5 Stretches for Back Pain Relief

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